Showcase at ICSE2023


Invitation to present paper at the ICSE2023 Showcase Track

Stephen J. Warnett and Uwe Zdun have been invited to present their ICSA22 paper "Architectural Design Decisions for Machine Learning Deployment" at the ICSE23 Showcase Track.

The International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) is the premier software engineering conference. The aim of the Showcase Track is to present the best recent papers published in areas usually underrepresented at ICSE, including requirements engineering, software architecture and design, software modelling, and formal analysis. The track will feature invited presentations of papers chosen by the steering committees of four of the leading conferences in these underrepresented areas.

You can find out more about ICSE2023 here and the Showcase Track here. You can find the paper in eprints and in the ICSA2022 conference proceedings.

See you in Melbourne in May!