Bachelor's and Master's Theses, P1 and P2

The Software Architecture Group offers topics for bachelor's (Practical Course with Bachelor's Paper) and master's theses, as well as P1 and P2 (Practical Course: Computer Science 1/2) in the areas of software design, software technologies, software architecture and software development. The following list contains a number of current suggestions for topics. To discuss one of these or any other topic in this research field, please first contact our office staff at with the topic(s) you are interested in. You will then be redirected to the corresponding supervisor if the topic is still available.

Open Topics

(last update March 20, 2024)

  • Human-AI collaboration in platform engineering
  • A low-code approach towards specification of DevOps for Machine Learning (focus on Reinforcement Learning) architectures and non-functional requirements
  • Automatic generation of DevOps for Machine Learning (focus on Reinforcement Learning) architecture and non-functional requirement specifications using large language models
  • Automatic architecture extraction (Improving the accuracy and precision of automated architecture extraction by diversifying the input data used; implementing improvements to the extractor to enable it to process a wider range of input data from various source code repositories; evaluating the effectiveness of the improved extractor and analyzing the results)
  • Are the tides turning for microservices? Tracking the adoption of microservices in developer communities through sentiment analysis
  • Automated quality checking for MLOps pipelines
  • Workflow and system behavior analysis: How to improve and optimize development handover
  • Anomaly detection and prediction in workflow and service based systems
  • Investigating model metrics and software engineering aspects for the monitoring of RLOps