Talk by Prof. Michel Chaudron


Prof. Michel Chaudron of the University of Gothenburg is giving a talk on 'Modeling in Software Development'


Modeling in software development: What do we know and where to go?

August 8, 2019

12.30 pm

Seminarraum 11



Modeling is a common part of many modern-day engineering practices. However, little evidence exists in Software Engineering about how models are made, how models are used and how they help in producing better software.

In this talk, I will overview

- results of (15+ years) of empirical studies in UML modeling in software development

- applications of machine learning in software modeling studies

- ideas and prototypes for better tools

- challenges and future research directions.



Michel Chaudron is Full Professor at the Software Engineering division which is part of the joint Department of Computer Science of Chalmers and Gothenburg University in Sweden. Prior to this, he worked at the Universities of Leiden and Eindhoven in the Netherlands. He obtained his Ph.D. in the area of formal methods and programming calculi for parallel computing. His research interests are in software architecture, software design, software modeling with a special focus on UML, and software composition. He has an interest in empirical studies in software engineering especially in the aforementioned areas and preferably in industrial contexts. He supports several conferences and journals including (Conf:) MODELS and Euromicro SEAA and (Jnl:) SoSyM and Empirical Studies in Software Engineering (EMSE).